Since the fandom has recently reawakened from the dead, a lot of you probably don’t know that I am no longer active on this blog.

I’m over here on this new Lin blog, and have been for the past several months So if any of you are wondering why I’m not on your dash, it’s because you’re not following my active Lin blog.

Okay this is my really for real last post on this blog ever bye.

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New Lin blog!

And I’m changing this one’s url back to hardboiledbeifong for archiving purposes.

See you over there!

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I’ll warn you now that I’m pretty much done with this blog. None of you are surprised, I know. It’s been coming for awhile. I can’t keep it up the way I used to, Lin muse is feeling desperately neglected and unloved, and yeah. It’s time to just let it die, as much as it hurts.

Oh, and it’s been nearly a WHOLE FUCKING YEAR since I’ve have new material to work with. So it’s getting sort of… stale.

Now, I just need to figure some things out. I still want to rp Lin (mostly for the SaiLin I’ll admit, but there’s a lot to her character I haven’t covered) SO. I will be doing one of three things in the very near future.

  1. Making a brand new Lin blog and starting over. Hopefully I can fix some of what I’ve fucked up with this one.
  2. Making a new AU Lin blog. I have a couple ideas in mind.
  3. Leaving Lin behind and trying with a new character for awhile, possibly in a new fandom. This is my least likely option at the present moment. If options 1 and 2 don’t work, I think this is what I’ll do.

I’ll keep you posted, I promise. I just feel like I’ve done so much wrong here recently and if I’m going to fix it, I need to start over somehow.

Thank you so much for your support. Hopefully we’ll talk again soon.

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But I will be back. Work is getting beyond stressful, and I’ve completely lost my muse for now. But I’m thinking once we get LOK back (which I desperately hope is very soon because we need it so much), I’ll be back too.

If you still want to say hi, I’m on my personal. Until then, love you all, and I hope to be back soon!

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and then they went out for beers

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“Tony no” a biography by Pepper Potts






I understand my sister, and speak fluent fangirl. Does that count???




Avengers’ New Groove Masterpost.

oh it’s not the masterpost… not yET:
















Eventually I’m going to gif every joke Carlos tells on Magic School Bus…

I love the lil’girls face in the last one, she’s so done with Carlos’s bullshit

saikhantheloyal said: " Phoooooone!"

‘Sai’, of course.

Although right now she’s considering changing it to ‘My Idiot Husband’.

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She had to admit, he was making it difficult. She briefly considered giving in, letting him take her right there on the couch, or against the wall, or standing where they were…

C’mon, baby. Ugh.

With no small amount of effort, she pushed him off. “I said no.” She said sternly, before stepping around him. “And don’t ever call me ‘baby’ again.”

He stumbled back as she pushed him away, and he let out an irritable noise, some sort of strange cross between a whine and a groan. He didn’t understand why she was acting like this, and it really wasn’t fair.

He was horny and wanted sex, and she wanted it, wanted him, he could tell. 


He grinned widely, as if he’d just figured something very important out. ” You’re just playin’ hard to get!” He announced, twisting about to face her again. 

’ Well m’good at that game, c’mere.” 

More proof he wasn’t himself. Normally he’d back off by now, although pouting the whole way. Why wasn’t he now?

"Stop it, Saikhan." She pushed him back, so he would fall into one of the kitchen chairs. "I’m not playing hard to get. I don’t want to have sex with you when you’re like this. When this wears off, then we can have sex." 

She hoped it wouldn’t come to her having to tie him to this kitchen chair. He might like that too much.


Anonymous said: Personal questions: Who is your father? Why did you break up with Tenzin?

“Tenzin and I weren’t working. We fought more often than anything else by that point. So we decided to part ways, at least romantically.”